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Mr Jas Kalsi is certainly at the top of his profession. His expert approach and leadership in HoLep procedure is unsurpassed . If you have a large prostate flow problems and in my case blood thinner issues swell Mr. Kalsi will manage and apply his expertise to the procedure and will give you complete confidence to its success.

My experience under the care of Mr Kalsi was exceptional from start to finish. Mr Kalsi was kind, considerate, caring and professional. He explained my prognosis and what treatment I required simply and in a way in which me and my family fully understood. I will be forever grateful for the care I received from him

I recently underwent the removal of a large epididymal cyst. I wish to compliment and thank Mr Kalsi for the professional care and attention I received throughout from the initial consultation to surgery and discharge. The surgery was a complete success and I can honestly say that I experienced no pain or discomfort at any time. Thanks for a great job.

I was referred to Mr. Kalsi for kidney stone treatment. Whilst reviewing my x-ray he confirmed the presence of the stones but, more significantly, he spotted evidence of a much more serious condition, which turned out to be bowel cancer. At that point he took ownership of my overall situation and arranged for emergency hospitalisation and immediate surgery. His proactive attitude, prompt action and quick-thinking were instrumental in securing the treatment I needed urgently even though my cancer was not in his realm of responsibility. I believe he saved my life that day by acting in the way that he did. He involved other consultants who were relevant to my case and visited me in hospital multiple times after my surgery to check how I was doing. Afterwards, when I had recovered sufficiently, he successfully removed my kidney stones as originally intended. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Mr. Kalsi to anyone seeking a professional, approachable, astute, responsive, caring consultant. I trusted his judgement completely, felt totally secure under his care and also enjoyed his company a great deal."

When I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in March 2014, I was fortunate enough to have Mr. Kalsi as my private urologist and specialist. Not only was he very knowledgeable with regards to the diagnosis, treatment and on-going future care, he was very patient and empathetic with both my girlfriend and I who were, quite understandably, in shock at the news. Throughout the treatment and aftercare, he made himself available to answer all of our questions, address our concerns and explain to both of us what we should expect. He is definitely someone that I would recommend wholeheartedly and he certainly helped me go from the initial shock and worry to feeling that not only was my diagnosis treatable but that I was more than likely going to be just fine

When I was faced with the prospect of surgery to rectify my severe Peyronie's disease, I now know that I was very fortunate to meet Mr Kalsi. He discussed the options with me at great length and in minute detail, never allowing me to have any unsaid questions and always giving me the confidence to have the surgery. Now, 6 months later, he still takes the time to check back in with me, but I can confidently say that the problem has gone and I am back to normal.

I recently had a Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP) performed by Mr Kalsi for my very enlarged prostate after I went into retention of urine. I was delighted with the surgery performed and felt that the consultant's care and attention was of the highest standard. He has an extremely approachable manner and made sure that I could ask questions at all stages ,before my surgery and afterwards in hospital and during check up appointments. His answers were straightforward and informative. I have had an excellent outcome and would highly recommend him for his surgical skill and professionalism.

Words cannot thank Mr Kalsi enough; he is one of the most approachable, considerate and knowledgeable medical professionals we have ever met in our life. From start to finish Mr Kalsi was professional, caring and always explained everything in thorough detail at every appointment. From what felt like one of the worst times in our life Mr Kalsi was able to work with his team closely and provide us with the most amazing results ever, we could not recommend Mr Kalsi and his team enough.

I would also like to thank you for the HOLEP Surgery you performed on my extremely large prostate. I have to say it has been a life changing experience as one does not really notice the gradual effect that an enlarged prostate has on one until things go wrong and the consequences that followed. I can now look forward to a completely changed life without a catheter thanks to you.

I recently had this treatment for ED after seeing Mr Kalsi. Each treatment session lasts For 20 minutes I had 6 sessions. After the 4th session I had intercourse with my partner which was the best erection I have had in many years. The erection also lasted much longer and I am very happy. I highly recommend this treatment.

Since being diagnosed with Peyronie's Disease in the summer of 2016 I have felt so blessed to have received the support and surgical skills of Mr Kalsi. His kind and practical advice have been very reassuring throughout. It's been a long road with six procedures of Xiapex injections under general anaesthetic but just as he predicted I have experienced real improvement and now can enjoy what the condition deprived me of for more than 10 months. It was not pleasant for a married man! I echo other patients' comments that it would be hard to find a more compassionate, kinder and competent urologist!

In 2014 I was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate following serious difficulties passing urine. I was started on a tamsulosin tablet daily. This worked well until early October 2017 when again I ceased to pass urine. My prostate was very large indeed and too large for a TURP. Talking to a friend we were made aware of the HoLEP procedure, which had been a real success for him and had been undertaken by Jas Kalsi. I can now confirm that Mr Kalsi undertook the HoLEP operation for me a few weeks ago. I think the HoLEP operation is fantastic and can thoroghly recommend it. I will always be indebted to Mr Kalsi and his team

I had a HoLEP for my 200g prostate in October 2017. I am very happy with the result and recovered very quickly. I have had no side effects. I can thoroughly recommend Mr Kalsi for his skill and professionalism.

I visited Mr Kalsi recently for a procedure on my urehra . He immediately put me at ease when I walked into his office – a genuinely very nice man – and very easy to talk to. We discussed in depth what the situation was and the procedure required to put things right. I was visited on the day of surgery pre op – and again Mr Kalsi made a great job of taking the worry out of the situation. Post-surgery all went well – and my problem is fixed. I would highly recommend Mr Kalsi for his Polite and Professional manner – and of course his surgical skills.

I found out that my PSA was 6 and the scan showed I had an enlarged prostate, I was rather worried to say the least, especially as my father died of prostate cancer. After my GP refered me to an Urology specialist, Mr Kalsi organised for an MRI of the prostate which was reassuring but recommended a Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP) as I had a very large prostate and severe urinary symptoms. I was quite apprehensive about the operation as there are a few possible side effects like having a catheter for a period of time after the opeation, bleeding up to about a week and leaking may last for 6 weeks or so. I am delighted to report that after the opeartion, I was dischraged after 24 hours WITH NO CATHETER, bleeding stopped on the third day as well as the leaking. What a wonderful relief. I like to thank Mr Kalsi for such a wonderful result due to your expertise and I have no hesitation to recommend to any one who may have the same problem as I did.

I was referred to Mr. Kalsi because I was experiencing severe bladder dysfunction. He was very thorough in investigating the problem and I had a number of scans and a cystoscopy examination before confirming that the problem was caused by a massively enlarged prostate. Mr Kalsi recommended prostate reduction using a HoLEP procedure. The surgery went well and the symptons are now greatly improved. Throughout my treatment, Mr Kalsi was very attentive, approachable and empathic. His knowledge is reassuring and I had every confidence in his advice. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Kalsi and the HoLEP procedure.