We are continuing to provide our services during this difficult time. Wherever possible we will be using telephone and Skype consultations to limit face to face meetings. If you have any questions, please do get in touch.
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Embryologist Claire Mooney

I am a senior Healthcare Professionals Council (HPC) registered Clinical Embryologist with over 24 years experience in assisted conception and andrology. I have worked in some of the most successful clinics in the world and have a special interest in male fertility. I specialise in Male fertility and believe that in an assisted conception industry that focuses heavily on the female partner it is now essential to turn our attention to the male partner. I provide men with a facility first to test and ultimately then improve their fertility to increase the chances of a natural conception and also if necessary to improve the outcomes of Assisted conception (IVF).

I have worked with Mr Kalsi for over ten years and provide male fertility testing and diagnostic services to Mr Kalsi routinely. For semen analysis appointments I can be contacted directly on 01753 891118 or you can also visit my website: Fertility Solutions and book an appointment for fertility testing online at your convenience.